Hello Mini-Muddy Moms and Dads!

Please see below for helpful information about Packet-Pick Up and Event Day!

Packet Pick-Up:

·       Thursday at Champions for Life Sports Center, 453 Grant Ave, Auburn, NY, from 2:00 to 7:00.

·       No ID is needed, but you’ll need to know for whom you are picking up packets. We have a list of who is registered, and we’ll check them off when their packet is picked up.

·       If you can’t make it to Packet Pick-Up on Thursday, you can pick up your child’s stuff the morning of the race, at the race.

·       Bring a non-perishable food item, and get a free plastic FLMR cup! All food items will be donated to a local food pantry.

Race Day/Race Info:

·       The weather at Everest can be a little funky; it's usually a few degrees cooler, and the wind can be a bear. Make sure to bring extra clothes for after the race; we want you to stick around and enjoy the day's festivities!

·       The first MM heat will be at 9:35, about 5 minutes after the first heat of the big people. Heats will run every fifteen minutes after that, and will continue until the last of the big people come across the finish line (we are planning on about 12:30).

·       MM runners can go as many times as they want, but they only get one medal, so if we accidentally give your child more than one, we’d appreciate it if you bring the medal back to the finish line.

·       All MM runners are allowed to go by themselves – the course has been changed so it stays on the event grounds and goes around the pond and back, not into the woods. We leave it to the parents to decide if their child can go on their own. Most of the kids that are seven or younger (or so) go once with their parents, and then over and over again on their own.

·       Even if you pick up your child’s packet before Saturday, you still need to come through the check-in tent to get wrist-banded. The MM runners will get their own bands, and their parents will get spectator bands (or FLMR bands if you’re running in the big race). If you want to drink alcohol, please make sure you have ID so we can wristband you.

·       Bring what your child may need for afterwards – a change of clothes and shoes, a towel for after they rinse off, money for food and drinks, that sort of stuff.

·       We do have showers, but they are cold water only. It’s going to be a gorgeous day, so we’re fortunate this year!

Post Race and Other Info:

·       We'll have food and drink for after the race, and there will be live music as well.  

·       We are having a vendor fair on the event grounds, those folks also typically take credit cards, so if you’re interested in doing a little local business shopping, you can do that too on Saturday!

·       Don’t throw away their dirty shoes! If you don’t want to wash them and you don’t want to keep them, bring them to the barn after the race. There will be two big green garbage cans for shoes. We are going to wash everything after the race and donate it to the Rescue Mission, so unless it’s beyond salvation, don’t toss it; give it to us to wash and donate!

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns. We are very excited for Saturday, and hope you are as well. My email is melissa.gravius@championsforlife.org. Email is generally the best way to catch me, but if you prefer the phone, you can call Champions for Life at 315-252-9305.